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Systems Redesign


Because Systems Redesign lies at the heart of efficiency we highlight it here as a separate issue of major significance to your business.

Many systems are inefficient because they are created without thought or analysis by employees who are pressed to service customers in a “must do” business environment. To bring these systems to a high level of efficiency and profitability they must be redesigned with everyone present who “touches” the system.

Having many employees contributing to a redesign process is a major stumbling block for managers because it creates cost before efficiency is realized; but without all the significant employees present, systems are created that work only for the few who contribute and create systems not integrated with the Mission, the Strategic Plan nor the business as a whole.

When accomplished well, Systems Redesign has dramatic results for efficiency, profits, and decision making. We can instruct your teams in systems redesign and give you a competitive advantage in your market and under any economic circumstance.

Efficiency comes directly from team problem solving during the systems redesign process.

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