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Productivity impacts your bottom line because profit maximization comes from two ends of a continuum, with sales volume at one end and efficiency at the other. We can guide you through the process of systems redesign, creating employee advancement and incentive programs that maximize productivity.

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Learning Organizations will be the survivors of the 21st Century. Dr. W. Edward Deming, the American pioneer of quality management from the last century said, “Our prevailing system of management has destroyed our people.” And the United States is foremost in destroying the motivation and productivity of our human resources from the inside out. To survive in our dynamic economy a business must be able to respond to regular economic shocks with flexible team problem solving. This is only possible if you create a Learning Organization that understands the concepts of: Systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, and team learning.

Organizational Development addresses the human and social dynamics of change. Even the best managers with the best intentions fail to prepare their organizations for the many pitfalls created by change because they fail to prepare, train, and support their employees through the change process. Plans unravel under the pressure of unintended consequences such as: high employee turnover, loss of key personnel, reduced quality and productivity, loss of market share and control of costs, equipment failures and much more.


Conflict Resolution sets the stage for team learning and systems redesign as we help you take the heat out of employee interactions and begin the process for open, productive communication. Longstanding assumptions, company cultures, and poorly designed systems all create behaviors that can lead to conflict and undermine the ability of an organization to solve problems.

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Executive Coaching assists the lead manager with goals clarification, relationship management, and the development of an effective leadership style. It is our experience that many organizational problems are created by the unexamined intentions of managers. Understanding how to improve your management style and how to lead people is a competitive advantage.

Therapeutic Counseling may be appropriate for the manager if business counseling and skill development fail to create results. Underlying mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, numbers deficit, and personality disorders can have far reaching consequences for the success of any business. Therapeutic Counseling assists the manager with understanding the effects of these underlying issues on their decision making. We provide counseling and treatment options that enhance your effectiveness and enjoyment of your profession.


Testing and Assessment incorporates tools and methods that help a therapist define, understand, and treat a client’s mental health issues.

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