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Full Day Seminars


Business Planning presents all the activities and information required for planning a successful new business venture. Eighty percent of new businesses fail due to a lack of planning and inadequate skill development. Completing a business plan focuses the business owner on the critical skills they need to organize and manage the modern business. The manager will leave the workshop with all the information required to pursue the planning of their business venture. The seminar includes group problem solving, a complete Power Point presentation Manual, and CD with Business Plan task outline and spreadsheets.

Turnarounds and Expansions: Proven Strategies for Business Growth illuminates the essential tasks and the most effective sequence for implementing a business turnaround or expansion. Both turnarounds and expansions require the same activities organized in the same sequence to bring them to a fruitful conclusion because an expansion, in many cases, becomes a turnaround when executed poorly and with inadequate planning. The business manager will leave the seminar with the necessary knowledge and the information tools to organize their turnaround/expansion effort. The seminar includes group problem solving, a complete Power Point presentation Manual, and CD with Turnaround/Expansion task outline and spreadsheets.

Strategic Planning summarizes the critical activities most managers fail to address in creating a viable strategic market focus for their business. Based on the understanding of internal strengths and weaknesses and external realities, this full day training steps the manager through the process of discovering their distinctive competencies and relevant market opportunities. The seminar takes your leadership team through your first Strategic Planning session. Managers will leave the workshop with an understanding of the required skills and tasks for effective strategic planning.

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