Results Driven Business Counseling and Consulting, Olympia, WA:

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Two Hour Workshops


Financial Analysis will cover the basic process for turning your financial statements into useful information. Many business managers fail to obtain valuable insights for decision making because they cannot read the Profit and Loss Statement, the Statement of Cash Flows, and the Balance Sheet. Managers will leave the workshop understanding: The difference between the Profit & Loss Statement and Cash Flow, the four uses of cash, how to identify trends that will hurt your business before they become a problem, how to increase Return on Equity, why all expenses are not located on the P&L, ratio analysis and more.

Cash Flow Projections presents the essential spreadsheet tools for mapping the financial future of your business. The workshop covers the construction and use of monthly cash flow projections, personnel costing models, and breakeven for expansions. The manager will leave the workshop with an understanding of the basic spreadsheets all professional managers use to chart the course of a business.

Systems Redesign defines the process for taking an inefficient system and making it efficient. Most businesses fail to realize their full profit potential due to unaddressed inefficiencies in controlling the flow of people, paper, information, products, and materials. The manager will leave the workshop understanding the process for redesigning inefficient systems.

Project Costing Systems presents an integrated approach to creating profitable bids for project based work. Identifying all the cost components of a profitable bid is essential for success in construction, engineering, consulting and other project oriented businesses. The most difficult component of a successful bid is the allocation of overhead expenses to individual projects. Methods for the allocation of overhead will be covered in detail.


Accounting Logic addresses the need for a straight forward explanation of how accounting works without resorting to the confusing jargon of debits and credits. The workshop employs a simplified graphical representation of how accounting transactions are transformed into the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement. The manager will leave the workshop with an understanding of basic accounting principles and the use of accounting data for decision making.

Market Research Techniques profiles the process of obtaining valid information about your target market. The workshop covers how to create a questionnaire, what questions need to be asked, how to ask questions, and how to create an effective marketing plan with the answers. The manager will leave the workshop understanding how market surveys help them profile their target market.

Stumbling Blocks in Business Development summarizes the critical activities most managers fail to address in the growth of their business. Based on the model developed by Douglas Hammel & Associates for implementing business expansions, this workshop places each activity in the appropriate sequence for maximum effect. The manager will leave the workshop with an understanding of the required skills and tasks for effective business growth.

Business Valuation presents the valid methods for valuing a business. Buying or selling a business, or taking on equity partners will require that a value be place on your business. Many invalid methods exist that will result in the buyer or the selling receiving less than is reasonable. The manager will leave the workshop understanding how a value is calculated for a business.

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